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Wealth Guard is backed by experience!

A product of the Florida Physician’s Association Legal Defense Insurance Company (FPALDIC), it originates from a legal defense product offered to the members of the Florida Physician’s Association (FPA). Originally Chartered by the Florida Medical Association (FMA).

FPA Legal defense is proud to celebrate 20 years of protecting the legal and financial interest of doctors, the Wealth Guard product is proof of FPA’ s commitment; to adapt and innovate applicable protection to the issues that matter most to its insured.

Wealth Guard is a new legal insurance product that is a must-have for every successful physician. We are passionate about helping doctors secure their assets, defend their professional license and maintain their reputation.Our proven asset protection strategies can help shield your family from financial devastation in the event you are the victim of a medical malpractice suit.

The three components of Wealth Guard are:

Asset Protection

The best time to implement an asset protection program is now. By the time you are threatened with a malpractice claim it may be too late. Pre-litigation management and organization of assets is a prudent way to ensure your financial future remains secure.Not only does Wealth Guard provide an asset protection that will show you potential vulnerabilities in your current asset structures but it can also provide a legal, ethical, recommendation on how you can protect your and personal assets you have worked hard to accrue it also includes an asset protection assessment by our team of experts.

Licensure Third Payer Audit Defense

The centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services have become increasingly aggressive in their efforts to target perceived overpayments for physicians’ services. Recovery Audit Contractors can show up announced at any time to conduct a review. Statistics indicate that in more than 80% of regulatory and licensure defense cases that go to court, the doctor wins, but fewer than 15% of providers actually challenge or appeal cases. With Wealth Guard, you will have a trusted ally by your side to represent your interests and help you stand tall against these threats to your practice, profession, and reputation.

Second Opinion Review

Once your malpractice insurer is notified that a malpractice claim has been filed, it is legally out of your hands. Although some states have lobbied to give the doctor more say in their own malpractice case defense, the truth is their request were glad handled at best and the insurance company still retains 100% control over the fate of your cases outcome. Most states grant the insurer authority to choose an attorney for your case and decide whether to settle or fight the claim, leaving you little or absolutely no say in the matter. What is more alarming the insurer is protected against judgments that exceed policy limits, which means the responsibility to pay the excess falls squarely on the physician.Wealth Guard legal experts will review your case and offer an unbiased opinion of your potential exposure based on case law. Unlike the insurance company whose goal is to protect their own interests, Wealth Guard is looking out for you.

Wealth Guard is Affordable

For a fraction of the cost of traditional medical malpractice insurance, Wealth Guard provides an abundance of protection that traditional medical malpractice inadequately covers. Just a small investment into Wealth Guard can yield a plethora of serenity.

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